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Benefits of Equine Massage

Massage helps to trigger your horse’s natural ability to heal itself. Massage increases circulation, which brings nutrients to the tissues and takes away waste products that can build up and cause problems for muscle function.

~Improves Performance and Attitude

~Increases circulation, relaxation, immune response

~Promotes rapid healing

~Comforts retired horses

~Aids in injury prevention and maintenance

~Stimulates underdeveloped muscles

~Increases range of motion and joint flexibility

~Keeps muscles supple

~Relieves muscle spasms

~Reduces stress and muscle pain

~Alleviates acute soreness from exercise or injury

Bodywork can help prevent injuries by keeping muscles supple and able to perform better!


Equine massage is designed to reduce tension and muscle fatigue. Equine massage it is not a substitute for veterinary care. An equine massage therapist cannot diagnose or treat illness or injury.

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